American Accent Training, Be Understood Easily, Reduce Sloppy Speech Habits, Learn English Fluency, 50% Pronunciation Improvement Guarantee.

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learning to speak clearly


Learning to Speak Clearly

Learn to speak clear, confident American English and combat poor speech and solve problems that cause danger of misunderstanding, miscommunication, in sensitive areas like the medical field..

Imagine getting access to speech language pathologist an expert in speech language pathology who can help you talk clearly, fluently, using a scientific foundation.

Sloppy spoken English accents are getting in the way, you need to learn to enunciate and speak clearly.

Learn accent reduction and improve English pronunciation. Learn English fluency with English pronunciation and fluency training, which will result in passing your English proficiency tests.

Speak English like an American?

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Struggling to speak English like an American?

Improve access to jobs, access to knowledge, access to literature, and access to fun.

English pronunciation classes online, how to pronounce certain English words, English pronunciation classes, improve sloppy language habits and how to prepare for an interview speech.

Access to a 12-module course of over 35 video training lessons, bonus lessons & materials. Downloadable worksheets & mp3s, live trainer-led study groups and access to our community. Special topic live webinars, advanced alumni course, full initial accent assessment & report, plus personalized feedback.

Also: 12 live one-to-one online lessons and a final evaluation & report.

How It Works

how the course works


How Does It Work Exactly?

Based on scientific research and years of hands-on experience, our Online Course is a proven method for reducing your foreign accent and improving your English pronunciation and fluency. Our students come to us feeling self-conscience about the way they speak and when they finish, they feel empowered and confident because of their new and improved English communication skills and Pro Mindset.

We hear it over and over again from our students, the results found in this program bring confidence, career advancement, leadership opportunities, better presentation skills, more credibility, and better social interactions.

Video Training Program

video training program


What is Included in the Video Training Program?

After you enroll, you will be given weekly access to a set of video lessons. You will review the video lessons and practice the worksheets and mp3 files provided during the week. The weekly lessons build off of each other in a proven and systematic approach that gets results! You will understand English pronunciation better than your native speaking friends!

This course offers accent reduction services, accent reduction training, get better at speaking English confidently, pronunciation course, helping non-native English speakers, learn to be understood easily, personalized accent reduction training, self-study, all the advantages of online accent reduction, read English efficiently in a classroom environment.

You get a personal American trainer and become an instant member of an interactive community Facebook group.

Get Personalized Help & Feedback

get personalized-help & feedback

LIVE WEEKLY STUDY GROUPS: Work with certified American Accent Trainers LIVE!

What is Included in the Personalized Help & Feedback?

Every week (3 times per week), certified American Accent Trainers will work with you during live study groups. These are typically question and answer meetings where students are able to ask questions and get feedback on the specific lessons they are working on.

Professional Mindset Trainings

professional mindset trainings


Gain a Confident Mindset!

Many of our students think that if they sound like a native English speaker then they will feel confident. Well, there's more to it than that. The way you view yourself and others and the thoughts you choose have more of an influence on your confidence than your accent.
In these monthly coaching sessions students are tought how to create a Pro Mindset that will fill you with confidence in any situation. Students are coached individually to help retrain their mindsets.

Come live or watch the recordings, you won't want to miss this critical part of your training.

Interactive & Supportive Community

interactive & supportive community


The More You Get Involved the Faster You Improve!

As you go through the program, we are here to help you with any questions you might have. Use the comments section below each video lesson to ask specific questions about a lesson, email your trainer questions, and join our private Facebook group for students. We are here to support you and you will have a chance to help support others who are working along side you in the program.

Other Inluded Features:

  • Tailored to address your weakest areas of pronunciation and fluency
  • Organized, structured, and easy to understand
  • Push play and follow along
  • Based on decades of research in language and phonetics training
  • Follow our 12 week schedule or go at your own pace
  • Review past lessons as needed
  • Access your program anytime, anywhere (mobile friendly)

The value of this program easily exceeds thousands of dollars in training, resources, and support but it's important to me that you get this training for an affordable price.

We succeed when you feel confident about the way you speak English. Let us help you take this giant step forward in your English language development.

What Our Sudents Have to Say...

Joas O

Haitian Creole French
This english course is one of the most important things I have accomplished here in America. It's impacted my entire life. I cannot imagine that I am able now to speak to native English speakers without them asking me to repeat myself again. The structure the of the course makes it easy for nonnative English speakers, like me. Thank you.

Anna I

I was very hesitant starting this program but I'm so grateful and I'm so happy that I did that. Because I believe my pronunciation improved and I became more confident in myself and my speech, I know it shows. I can really see how I improved throughout the entire 12 weeks. I really like that the program was built this way where you can do a week studying the material; repeating after the video sample that they give on each week assignment, and then sending your voice recording where your trainer can then hear your speaking and correct your mistakes.

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